About Green Power Hike

Since 1994, Green Power Hike greets an average of 3,000 participants on the Hong Kong Trail every January or February. Over the years, the annual event has accumulated over 70,000 hikers to hike for a green future.

We are dedicated to the promotion of nature appreciation by hands-on hiking experience. Green Power Hike participants are encouraged to explore the ecology of Hong Kong Trail as well as to put the “Leave-No-Trace” concept into practice.

In view of the pandemic, this year we are launching the first Virtual Hike. We also establish the Traceless Hiker Award to encourage participants to actualize the green hiking principles of “Leave-No-Trace”.

The fund raised in the event will contribute to the environmental education works of Green Power. Please click here to know more about Green Power’s works.

Event Period
18 February 2021 to 18 April 2021

Event Category

  1. Individual
  2. Family (2/3/4 people)
  3. Team
  4. Cup
    • Aviation and Airport Services Cup
    • Bank Cup
    • Corporation / Organisation Cup
    • HKFI Cup
    • ICT Cup
    • Medical Services Cup
    • Property Management Cup