Enrolment Form

  • Current Enrollment Notes
  • Category & Route
  • Individual/ Team Information
  • Re-confirm enrolment information
  • Payment

Enrollment Notes

  • Please prepare your credit card (except Cup categories)
  • Methods of submitting enrolment fee:
    • Online payment (Paypal/Credit card) (Individual/Team/Family only): Complete the enrolment process instantly – No Paypal account is needed
    • Submit the enrolment cheque by postage(Cup categories only): To complete the enrollment process, you must submit the cheque by postage to Green Power within 14 days
  • Upon successful enrolment, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant
  • Applicant(s) are not allowed to change their category, route and number of team members once enrolled
  • For participants who withdraw from the event on their own accord, all enrolment fees are non-refundable once application is accepted.
  • We will not be responsible for any technical problems and forms of mail failure (including the lost and late submission of donation cheque) that lead to failure of enrollment.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to accept, reject of disqualify any applications.